It is the Association of Biochemists comprising the current students, passed (Alumni) and teachers (serving or retired) to have strong professional, educational and social terms to promote Science

and Scientific Culture. It is also meant to honor and recognize the achievements of the members.
Founded by department of biochemistry QAU islamabad ,registered on 18th march 2011

and innuagrated on 2nd june 2011.



Our Department has produced a number of leading researchers and analysts, performing their role in different Sectors and we are interacting with them to fill the gap and to provide a bridge between our Ex-students and Present students by providing important and latest information and chronology of all major areas of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology in the country and all over the world.


To establish BAQI as an integral part of the QAU structure and to make it a valuable instrument in this important era of challenging world. We have:

  • Maintain liaison with all ex students (Alumni), present students and teachers (serving and retired).  


  • Act as liaison between the industry and the Biochemistry Department, QAU and biochemistry/biology departments of other universities.


  • Honour and recognize the achievements of Teachers, Alumni and Students.


  • organize seminars/conferences/debates in all the field and particularly in biochemistry/molecular biology.



  • Career counseling for biochemistry students to provide information about jobs, scholarships, scope of biochemistry and other related matters and extend financial support to students during their education.


  • Arrange and promote co-curricular activities, such as informational/recreational trip(s), departmental sports, parties, functions, biological quiz etc.


  • Publish departmental news letter(s) or magazine(s) etc and ensure that a high level of social and educational interaction exists between students, teachers and whole BAQI community.


Structure of BAQI


I) Board of Governors

II) Executive Council

a) Executive Body

b) Representatives

III) General Body

IV) Alumni (Ex-Students) Coordinator




Contact Information

Biochemistry Department QAU Islamabad Pakistan
Phone: 05190643169
E-mail: baqi.qau@gmail.com

Become a member

Download the form from the link given below and edit it with the particulars needed and send it to us by email and take a print out of it and submit to us .

you will get the conformational email when the membership is approved.

Download the membership form